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Advanced Pain Management

Our physicians and nurse practitioners are trained in advanced pain management and can help improve your quality of life.

Multimodal Approach

This ranges from physical therapy and medication management to minimally invasive spine surgery to help alleviate your pain.

Innovative Techniques

Using proven, innovative techniques, combined with compassionate individualized care to ensure your return to good health.

Spine Surgery New Jersey

An increasing number of people are suffering from lumbar pain caused by degenerative disc disease or spinal stenosis. One treatment option is a minimally invasive procedure called lumbar decompression.

This surgery may be an option for those who have not had success with conservative treatments such as medications, injections, and physical therapy. It is a minimally invasive spine surgery.

Back Pain Doctor In NJ

We know there are quite a few options for back pain doctors in the NJ area, but you can be assured we are a great solution for you. Pain management is a complicated and often misunderstood subject. A professional can help you sort through the different options and find the best solutions for your pain.

Whether it’s prescription medication, therapy, or minor surgery, we can be of assistance in navigating these difficult medical decisions. We can also help make sure your pain doesn’t interfere with your daily activities or emotional well-being. Give Dr. Brian Bannister a call today to go over your pain management needs.

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Progressive Pain Management offers a variety of pain management solutions to people across New Jersey. Take a look at some of the pain relief options we provide.

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