Radiofrequency Facet Ablation In New Jersey

Looking for radiofrequency facet ablation in New Jersey? This is a procedure that Progressive Pain Management forms on their patients to help alleviate pain. Radiofrequency Facet Ablation is a procedure used to reduce pain and disability in patients with chronic low back pain caused by facet joints.

The procedure involves inserting an electrode into the body near the spinal cord and applying radiofrequency energy to heat and destroy facet joint nerves. Patients may be candidates for RFFA if they have tried other treatments such as medications, physical therapy, or surgery without significant relief from their symptoms.

If you have tried medications, physical therapy, and other treatments but still suffer from severe or debilitating low back pain that limits your daily activities, then this may be the right option to consider.

This type of non-invasive treatment can reduce inflammation in the spine’s nerve roots and may also help repair any compressed discs found in the spinal column. Side effects are rare with RFFA because it works by targeting nerves rather than muscles or bones like other surgeries do.

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