Lumbar and Cervical Nerve Root Block In New Jersey

Are you considering lumbar and cervical nerve root block and live in New Jersey? Progressive Pain Management has three convenient locations to serve your needs. Let’s take a look first and what you can expect.

The Lumbar and cervical nerve root block is a procedure that numbs the nerves in your back, which can help reduce pain. This includes both lumbar and cervical nerve roots. It is often used as an alternative treatment for chronic pain after other therapies have not been successful at alleviating the pain.

Nerve roots are the connective tissue that carries signals from the spinal cord to various parts of the body. For nerve blocks, a needle is inserted into either lumbar or cervical vertebrae and numbing medication is injected. This can be used for pain relief or as anesthesia before surgery.

In the event you do undertake a lumbar or cervical nerve root block, patients may experience relief from chronic pain. The procedure is performed by a physician and can be done in an office setting using local anesthesia. After the procedure, many patients will have minimal to no discomfort.

The patient should not drive or operate heavy machinery for 24 hours after the injection. Take the time now to give us a call or schedule an appointment so we can go over your specific needs.