Discograms In New Jersey

Are you experiencing lower back pain? Progressive Pain Management offers discograms in New Jersey to help diagnose and then treat any issues that are diagnosed.

Discograms are a type of X-ray that allows doctors to see if there is any fluid or air in your spinal discs. This can be an important tool in diagnosing the cause of back pain, especially when you have no other symptoms. If you’re experiencing lower back pain and want to know more about discograms then this option might be right for you.

A discogram can help diagnose: herniated discs, bulging or ruptured discs, degenerative disease, nerve root compression, bone spurs, facet joint syndrome. The goal is to avoid surgery when possible by using additional treatments such as chiropractic care or physical therapy with this procedure
If you are experiencing back pain that does not improve with treatment after 6 weeks it’s important that you reach out to us for further evaluation which may include getting a discogram. Give us a call at 732.493.2040 or set an appointment using our online form.